In our company we are aware of the importance of brand uniqueness in today’s market, so we offer you R&D service… Be the first!

What we have to offer


We help companies achieve their desired business goals by developing and designing (constructing) new products. Designing each new product is a challenge for us which we enthusiastically tackle and accomplish with a high degree of responsibility towards customers.


At MARSi, development of products and tools plays one of the key roles as this ensures our customers the production of quality and sophisticated components and products. R&D department ensures strict confidentiality when working with our clients.


MARSi's professional trained team is actively engaged with customers. We always strive to develop high quality tools and products that meet customer standards, needs and requirements together with customers. In the process of design and construction we take into account the desired cost, weight and production processes of tool and product manufacturing.


Development of new product requires careful testing and manufacturing, which are crucial. We can test your products in different production environments and with different materials. Only on this way we can obtain the relevant information and develop the product that the customer wants.

When developing and designing a tool/product, we are focused primarily on:

You Can Trust Us Completely

At MARSi, we are aware of the importance of brand uniqueness in today’s market, so we offer comprehensive Product and Tool Development (R&D) solutions. Our team is dedicated to your ideas and requests, as this is the only way to write a successful story together.