Tool Maintenance and why is it Important?

Tool Maintenance and why is it Important?

Tools have always been the most crucial asset for workers. These are the tools that make your job possible. In return, you remain in debt to protect and maintain these tools, as maintenance and protection of the tools make them serve you for a longer time. Most of the tools’ maintenance practices are very simple and easy to comprehend.

In this post, we are going to discuss different ways of protecting tools and the importance of maintenance of these tools. So, let us get started with different approaches repeatedly practiced at workplaces to provide tools with a proper system of maintenance.

Different Approaches for Maintenance of Tools

Indeed, you would never like to have a reduced life of the tools you repeatedly use at your workplace. However, ensuring the durability of these tools is not possible without proper maintenance. So, here are some of the imperative approaches that are adopted to keep the tool well-maintained.

#1. Let the Heated Tools Cooled Down:

Most of the time, overworking with a tool puts much stress on it, and the tool gets very heated. In this condition, it becomes inevitable for that tool to be cooled down, and the best practice of doing this is to stop working with the tool for short intervals of time. This process is frequent when you work with tough materials, like drilling of hard material and sawing of hardwood. If you keep on working without small gaps, there are chances that motor or other parts of the machine would burn or wear out.

#2. Lubrication of Tools:

Lubrication of tools is a necessary process if you want to make your tools serve you for a more extended period because proper lubrication of the tools keeps them working without raising any issue regarding the tool’s performance. Before lubricating the tool, you must know the right way of lubricating that tool; if you don’t know about it, you may consult the manual. Moreover, proper lubrication of the tools keeps them away from corroding, chafing, and heating. Ultimately, the life of the tools increases.

#3. Calibration of the Tools:

Calibration of the tools is also an essential part of the maintenance of the tools, as power tools are precision instruments, so their alignment must not change. The recalibration of tools becomes necessary to check whether their alignment is correct or not. The tools’ manufacturer provides its customers with complete details of the time, after which they have to carry out the calibration of tools. Besides, we must perform calibration, keeping in view the instructions given in the user manual.

#4. Replacement of Worn-out parts:

Some parts of machines require replacement for maintaining the full efficiency of that machine. Carbon brushes are one of the most glaring examples of those parts that need to be replaced after a specific time or when they create problems. The inspection of, power belts, switch assemblies, and many other parts in the machine, becomes necessary to maintain the working operations through that machine.

#5. Clean Tools Regularly:

For the best service from your power tools, you must clean them soon after they pay their duty off. You can conveniently remove other particles and dust from power tools with the help of brushes. On the other hand, compressed air appears to be the best option for opening the power tool’s vents. Because, if you try to extract the particles from vents with the help of brushes, you may push those particles even more rooted in the machine, and this action could further aggravate the situation.

Why is Tool Maintenance Important?

Orodja ne bodo tako učinkovita kot bi morala biti, če za njih ne bomo ustrezno skrbeli in jih vzdrževali. Tukaj je nekaj točk, ki prikazujejo pomen pravilnega vzdrževanja orodij.

#1. The lifespan of the tool increases significantly:

With proper and timely maintenance of tools, the life span of the tools increases significantly. Apart from that, if someone does not take proper care of machine tools, for sure, they would not even serve their original life.

For example, if a mechanic does not clean the grinding machine’s vents, the particles in the vents go in-depth and stop the machine from performing with full efficiency.

On the other hand, proper cleaning with the help of compressed air extracts all dust and other particles from the machine’s vents, and then it works smoothly.

#2. Increases up-time of equipment:

The equipment that is appropriately maintained provides you with a better up-time.

For example, carbon brushes are responsible for conducting electricity in power machines, and if we do not change these brushes concerning time, the machine stops working while being used. Nonetheless, if these power brushes are properly changes and checked, the machine would not quit working during the operation.

#3. Overall Cost gets reduced:

Maintenance of the machine does not cost you significantly. However, in case of burns or any other issue that leads to the failure of a machine, you have no choice other than buying a new machine.

Therefore, with the proper maintenance of the machine and power tools, there are very few chances for machines to face any failure. Because when you meet all the necessary instructions of maintenance enshrined in the manual, there is no reason for failure without spending the expected life.

#4. The efficiency of the Machine Gets Improved:

Some of the power tools require calibration after a specific time, as calibration is a part of the machine maintenance, and it also impacts the efficiency of the machine.

If we do not calibrate the tool correctly, its efficiency would never touch the peak.

#5. Value of Equipment remains alive:

If we maintain the tool well, it provides its full value. The proper cleaning of the tool, in-time lubrication, and changing of the worn-out parts, don’t let the value of equipment reduced.

Final Verdict

Having gone through the post, you would have understood that there is no concept of safe and sound tools without maintenance. For that reason, if you want to have the full value of the money you spent on buying a tool, you must pay special heed to the maintenance of that tool.

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